Meet our AwSUM Team

Employee-owned and operated, proud to call Calgary, Alberta, Canada home.

Founded in 2018, the team at AwSUM recognized the need for customers to have a reliable source of high-quality lubricating products and additives with consistent and predictable delivery fulfillment.

AwSUM is the proud manufacturer and distributor of the greases, treatments, and additives that consumers have grown to know and depend on.

AwSUM has a culture that recognizes that hard work and doing things right are key to delivering great customer results. We have partnered with world-class suppliers (ISO 2015:9001, 14001, and RC 14001) to ensure your standards are met and exceeded. Our objective is to save time and money with the fulfillment and delivery of exceptional products & services supported by premier manufacturing, technical support, and logistics management.

We believe in supporting our local and global communities and doing our part to make them a better place. We believe in creating lasting relationships and serving each customer to the best of our ability. We strive to work with as many local businesses across Canada as possible to support our local economy. We are happy to provide our lubricating solutions globally to reduce global greenhouse emissions through machine efficiencies and environmental pollution by providing environmentally friendly products including biodegradable lubricants.


AwSUM has a unique culture embracing a humbitious philosophy meaning humble ambition. Our ambition is driven by the people we are working with, and for. 


You can expect honest and sincere expressions from everyone on the AwSUM team. We believe in candor as a core value for how to conduct ourselves within our internal team as well as to our external distributors, clients, and product end-users.


We are always striving to be better, faster, and more efficient both as members of the AwSUM team and manufacturers of lubricating products, providing the very best quality, at the very best price, while offering the very best customer service. 


One of our strongest internal motivators is passion. We’re passionate about helping small businesses run more powerfully and smoothly. We’re passionate about helping large businesses operate more efficiently and environmentally friendly. We’re passionate about making home and car owners lives easier and safer. We’re devoted to developing and selling the best products we can. 


We value the strengths and abilities of our team members and are devoted to our commitments both individually and as a team. Our AwSUM team conducts ourselves with integrity and accountability, and you can always count on us to take responsibility and ownership of our words, actions, and mistakes. This is the best way we know how to establish trust with each and every customer.


We believe in supporting our local and global communities and doing our part to make them a better place. We believe in creating lasting relationships and serving each and every customer to the best of our ability. We strive to work with as many local businesses across Canada as possible to support our local economy, and we are happy to provide our lubricating solutions globally in an effort to reduce global greenhouse emissions through machine efficiencies, and reduce environmental pollution by providing environmentally-friendly products including biodegradable lubricants. When we think of our communities big and small, we have the power to change them through active participation and upholding the rest of our core values. 

Warren Coates

Founder, CEO + Director

B.Comm, CA, CPA, Warren leads the strategic direction of the company as one of the co-founding members. He drives execution and is known for advancing matters swiftly and helping his trustworthy team make timely decisions. Warren promotes “humbition”, the concept of humble ambition as an AwSUM core value, and when he’s out of the office he’s an avid mountain biker, ski-race parent, and Calgary Stampede Rodeo volunteer. Contact Warren if you’d like to provide feedback or share details about your experience with AwSUM or have opportunities you’d like to pursue with the organization.

Brian Johnson

Founder, Principal + Director

Brian is one of the co-founders of AwSUM. After working directly in the company up until 2019, he now sits as a corporate Director outside of the day-to-day operations while supporting the CEO Warren in all matters of strategy and growth. Brian is a competitive badminton player, skier, golfer and a Calgary Stampede Courtesy Car volunteer.

Greg Minke

Technical Sales Solutions

Greg is responsible for customer satisfaction in the unique industrial lubrication solutions market. He is the go-to for technical requests and product documentation. Greg is known for making highly technical concepts understandable to consumers. Contact Greg for application-specific requests and problem-solving solutions. Greg enjoys golf, his grandchildren, live theatre opera (especially his daughters) and music.

Brent Johnson

Technical Sales Advisor

Brent brings technical, sales and customer service background. Having previously worked in lubricant sales, he brings with him a real-world application to resolving oil-related concerns. He has also worked in the commercial laboratory world, gaining experience and knowledge with respect to the science of Tribology and the related complexities of oil analysis, as well as the aerospace industry, bringing experience in A.O.G. (Aircraft on the Ground) situations and understanding of the complexities of the modern aviation world.  With a passion for RVing, Brent and his wife can be found frequently  relaxing around a campfire.

Mark Reyes

Customer Service

Mark manages logistics and operations at AwSUM Outcomes. From incoming and outgoing product, on- site and remote inventory, to technical and customer service-related inquiries Mark is your guy! He also manages issues relating to domestic and international logistics and procurement. Mark is known around the office as an automotive enthusiast. Mark can answer your technical questions while handling Awsum’s logistics and inventory.

Luz Munoz

Accounting + Distributor Support | Accounting DIP

Luz is responsible for handling placed orders soon the system, administration, and accounting. Luz ensures that all processes are efficient. Contact Luz if you have financial questions about your account (customers and vendors), or if you want to place an order. Luz is always keen to go hiking, and enjoys family outings.

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